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Read Before Applying/Commenting

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Read Before Applying/Commenting

Post  Cody on Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:49 pm


In-Game Name:

Position Applying For:

Previous Experience:

Have you ever been a Mod/Admin:

How will you give yourself to the community:

How Active are you:

How many languages do you speak:

Age, Sex, and other useless information:

What Time Zone are you in:

Give us a reason on why we should pick you:

Font Rule-
You can't add in any bigger fonts apart from any headings or the questions possibly. Font colour and the font type is aloud to be changed and the use of underline, bold and italics is also aloud but no Enourmous fonts. Just defualt font sizes are aloud.

It is ok if you like the application/applicaant but please do not keep on posting on the same thread over and over again. It results in too many pages and a good application with 2 pages can beat one with 50+ pages, so it does not matter about the ammount of pages you have. If we spot anyone continuesly spamming an application then steps will be taken.

Respect all applications and applicants just like you would like to be respect if you applied/have applied.

This is not tolerated. We only allow constructive criticism. If you are caught disrespecting or flaming the thread without reason or insulting the applicant then steps will be taken. Any other form of flame is treated in the same manner. If you have nothing nice or constructive to say then DON'T SAY ANYTHING!

Please do not bump your or anyone else application every time it goes down, we will look at everyone's application before choosing a new staff, whether it's at the top or the bottom.

Yes or no-
If you think they deserve it and can do it say yes, if you don't say no, can't get any simpler. It would be advised that you justify your reason though but CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM only.

All other forum rules apply no racism etc.

Job Titles:

Before I post any job descriptions I would like everyone to read this and think about it VERY carefully. Be honest with yourself please. I am not saying anyone thinks like this but please read.

Do you want moderator/Admin/any other position for the fame of it? Do you think it will be all fun and games and an easy ride along on the road? Maybe you want to just get in game and show off?

If you are one of these people then you have a big reality bomb coming at you. Being a member of staff isn't about the fame or the boosted characters. It isn't about showing off to people in-game or getting a boosted character. It is a JOB application. Like any other real life job it is hard work and you must be very dedicated and motivated to fufill it. You must be ready to do hours of grueling behind the scenes and in front of the scene work. It is not a show off competition. We all work really hard to do the best for fussion and make it as good as we can. Do not think softly of the job, It requires alot. And none of the jobs are easily laid back ones, They all require 100% determenation and The will of power to do. Think carefully if you have these qualities.

Another thing you have to think about is why we should pick YOU out of all the other people.


Job description- A moderators job is to clean up the forums and to help people. Make sure that no one steps out of line. It is mostly forum based work. 80%+ of being a mod is on the forums. The rest is in-game to maybe help a Admin.

Applicatant qualities: Must be active on forums and must know how to help out players in several areas of problems. Must be freindly and polite, basicly be able to represent the staff well on the forums. Must keep a calm mind and be very determind. Must be willing to write up guides, upload files and perform several other tasks if needed, without being told. ALSO DO THE JOB BEFORE YOU APPLY! if you don't then you will most likely not get it.

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